Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fungi, Fungus, Mushrooms, Decomposers uhmm.. yea

Most people think ew! Freak! But what they should be saying is wow thats amazing thank you Fungi! These little creatures are decomposers that break down materials for us because... what we have is all we got! Also they are not closer to plants but animals!!

General Characteristics of a Fungus are...

They are Eukaryotes meaning they a single or multicellular organism with distinct membranebound nucleus. Unlike the cell wall of a plant cell which contains cellulose the fungus has a wall made of chitin and no it isn't pronounced chi-tin but kahy-tin... get it right!! This sort of membrane makes a cracking noise like a crab shell when broken. amazing isn't it? The Fungal body contains mycelium made up from hyphae.Hyphae develop reproductive structures that branch to holes for spores. mycelium have filamentous, a threadlike substance for greater surface area to absorb food.

Ecological Roles

As decomposers Fungis do just what there name means... they decompose and recycle nutrients into the awesome earth cycle. Other than making things rot and smell bad; the fungi are our greatest recycling team more so than all the recycle bins put together in the world!!
Some decomposers are actually symbiotic with organisms such as plants. Mycorrihizae is a fungi which stem into the plant's root extending its water absorbing surface area!! oh and symbiotic means absolutely necessary relationship. There are endomycorrhiza which are in the cells of plants that really don't help too much but this amazing ectomycorrihiza rooted cell which have roots in between cells create that special bond and help these poor things get some water... well alot of water.

Nutrition Facts
Well how the fungus do the fungi obtain nutrients such as nitrogen. We all know how amazing nitrogen is and well so do the fungi which trap nematodes these disgusting little worms who feed on fungi and paralyze them with special juices and ultimately absorbs and digests the nitrogen out of them. Gross... But cool that these fungi can digest without the hassle of chewing but rather absorbing like in the video above! Aside from nematodes. Fungi feast on all different types of organisms through absorbtion escpecially in plant cells. By absorbing the plant cell the fungi become one with the plant and live symbiotically.

Fungi have 4 major branches

the chytriduimycota, the Zygomycota, Basidiomycota, and Ascomcota

Sex or Reproduction but Sex sounds better
Unlike humans or any othe animal which have intercourse enojoyably and with a partner the fungi don't do sexual reproduction but rather asexual. Girls are haploids which is expressed as 2n where the male is haploid as n the female has 2 chromosomes x and y to give where as the male has only 1. Fungus such as yeast just asexual reproduce... boring.. but for mushrooms this is the most intresting nature sex where the fungi let out spores and is carried by the wind to meet other spores and become a new fungi... wow confoosed??

Fungi Cycle

Bread molds are haploids having only themselves to reproduce with so they send spores and meet other haploids and only through meeting another haploid can they become a haploid for a short period to make more spores. kind of a homosexual one night stand except they can't reproduce...

Mushrooms are kind of cool kinda... well they have gills lined with basida which have zygotes attached to the bottom which shoots spores to meet other spores to make another fungi! basically well a mushroom gill sends out spores it must meet a different spore we label the spores as + and - so a + needs a - and a + needs a - to make a new fungus.

The thing below is called a fairy ring people wonder why this formation of mushroom and myths arose such as fairies have danced here but to science it is laudable hahaha....(not funny) anyway the fact is underneath the ground there is a huge fungi down there all rooted down and the mushrooms around it are the border line to where the fungi is... wow huge

i'm not sure what much more I can write except if I did something wrong criticize and if I did something right then :p haha
Oh and for those of you who missed it here's Ms.Foglia's clever joke
A Mushroom walks into a bar and the bartender says we don't serve your kind here and the mushroom says why i'm a Fungi!
The lucky sherpa for tonitee is Nicole...
have funn...-_-

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