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Today ... we learned alot....

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Metabolism and Enzymes... whoop dee doo...

Basically everyone says we need to eat to live and now you know why thanks to Ms Foglia hoorah for the teacher
anways the reason we need to eat is because we need energy and without it we would.... die.
ok so energy originates from the sun yay sun good for you then if the Earth is lucky being far and all gets some solar energy plants absorb it using there chloroplast from solar to chemical energy
This is where we need to eat to live comes in.
The food pyramid is actually a energy pyramid where the producers which are the green stuff (plants) get eaten by the... moving stuff (animals) called the primary consumers! then the secondary then the tertiary and so forth... not important moving on...
We basically need the energy for the basic 4 things proteins, carbohydates, those shapeshifters.. lipids, and personally my favorite sugar..
Now we don't have chloroplast I mean itd be awesome if we did but we dont.. so get over it...
Instead we have the ability to be the dominant life on earth by stealing from the producers by.. killing them! then using our mitochondria to spread the love(energy) IMPORTANT EVER LIVING ORGANISM HAS A MITOCHONDRIA so dont be a du*ba** and think only animals have them
now going back to the topic! all living organisms store energy and plants especially store energy to get eaten not suppose to be there goal but this is how GOD intended it to be and by that I mean being eaten by the primary consumers
All those "complications" of taste and looks of food are nothing all that matters about food is the raw materials and energy we get from them!
okay just for the people who are like "hmmm why are we storing this garbage?!"
well we store it because its not garbage but because ATP is unstable and we need it for future references.. DUH! also ATP is Adensine Tri Phosphate or simply put energy yeah!
So recap energy comes from the sun-solar energy which has ATP and organic molecules then to the plants then animals then other animals then we eat all of them! yummy..
Metabolism is how we get and use energy
We as living breathing aroused organims break and form bonds between molecules which is broken down to anabolic and catoblic.
anabolic is the building like BOB the guy who builds stuff
and catabolic is like Geroge W. bush who constantly breaks stuff especially Iraq and ocassionally the English language.
Anabolic is characterized by dehydration synthesis and synthesis which are difficult words meaning build see people have to make life difficult by making many different words for 1 freakin' meaning!
Catabolic has hydrolysis and digestion also kind of annoys me..
these also cannot be done without a little help from the AMAZING!!

The enzyme is needed to disturb and destabilize bonds between molecules to bond them together and take them apart. basically I would call the enzyme as
To digest molecules we need less organization because there is a lower energy state and this is done by another word that makes life difficult... exergonic which means gives off energy this can only be done through catabolism haha cannabalism.. gross
to build molecules we need more organization which is a higher energy state and you guessed it anabolism.. if you dont get it I really don't know how to spell it out for you anymore... (very slowly) we. need. more. energy. to builllldddd.
we need to build and break down at the same time as well because we need to break down materials for the energy to build more molecules using the energy just made..
come to think of it why don't we just not break things down huh?! JUST KEEP THE MOLECULE WITH ENERGY AND SLAP IT ON TO A THIGH!!!!
haha its basically the same thing as storing energy onto a thigh and later we can break it down yay procrastinators.. for those of you who don't know what procrastinators are first of all get a dictionary and look it up second of all learn some more english words and third it means people who always put stuff off until later..
hey heres something intresting.. paper is made from sugars but it tastes like c -r- AP and we all know AP stands for Autopilot so I said nothing wrong if you happen to get the joke it was unintentional and not my fault!
anyways paper is made from cellulose which is made from sugars but only some animals can digest cellulose so we have something else.( also those dumb animals think there better than us but we have the opposable thumb so HA! take that animals )
okay comubstion breaks down sugar which is a rapid break down but we cant do that because this combustion is at 451 degrees f and I don't know about any of you but personally I don't feel like being set on fire or boiling from the inside out...
instead we as humans break down the sugar slowly and little by little with thing called the .. THE ENZYME DUN DUH DUN DUH!!!
the reason behind the need of such an awesome thing as combustion to break down sugars is because unlike our hydrogen bonds these bonds are mucho stabile and mucho covalent so its hard as h-e double hockey sticks! Combustion basically is only required for high activation energy like sugar
The amazing enzyme is what we genius with alot of vocaulary call a catalyst
which reduces activation energy to like nothing yesss!! its like buying Gucci for the price of KFC
anyways we will all die... if the activation energy were still really high without the help of the catalyst enzyme
Now people have thought enzymes were only proteins...
but they were wrong... dead wrong...
actually recently it has been discovered that there is a rebel called the RNA which "is an enzyme but not yet a protein"... sounds like a Britney Spears song which one?
who cares?!
now fortunately for me this is all we learned today so HA! na na na na

also the next sherpa to take time out of there life to do this is....
Krystyn!!! jk its Marc :P

oh and teacher lady the time is wrong i published this at 4:12 P.M and one last thing theres no pictures but im pretty sure its a d*m good read
ooo last thing I promise. is it sherpa or shurpa?

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