Thursday, February 7, 2008

Since someone did not post a sherpa last night i am now stuck with this job, and ofcourse im thrilled!!! =)

B cell immune response

-plasma cells = fast response


-release antibodies (proteins)

-memory cells = long term immunity
Vaccinations have proven to be a successful way to fight virus'. A person is exposed to a small amount of the virus which is not enough to be a danger to them. This is the beginning of active immunity. In other words resistance to the disease or infection. The body then makes antibodies against the antigens that are causing the disease. The antibodies work to get rid of foreign invaders. Jonas Salk developed the first vaccine which was against polio (which attacks motor neurons).



Breastfeeding is a way of a child obtaining antibodies from their mother. Breast milk protects infants from bacteria and virus. It also helps the baby fight off infection and disease. They can also be passed across the placenta. This makes breastfeeding a very important contributor to a childs health.

-kerrie- p.s.- the sherpa for tom. will be saad

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